Copyright 2006 IdeaBox Advertising and Graphics IdeaBox is located in mid-Michigan and has provided advertising and graphic design consultation to a diverse variety of large and small of businesses throughout the world. We provide the worlds industries with print advertising, business cards, logo / branding development, wed design / promotion, web development, internet advertising, brochures, posters, and other promotional and advertising materials and media. Initially IdeaBox serviced Mid-Michigan including; Clio, Mt.Morris, Flint, Vassar, Birch Run, Frankenmuth, Saginaw County, and Genessee County. Now our client base is global and we service companies such as Ford, Honda, GM, and Capitol Records throughout the world including places like Japan, England, Canada, Mexico, and China. At IdeaBox we help our clients communicate with their target markets through enticing, informational, and influential advertising and graphic design media. Our effective media solutions have proven to increase consumer awareness, customer satisfaction, and overall profitability. We realize that each client has their own unique strengths, challenges, and personality, and we are dedicated to providing the most appropriate and professional media. Most of the people your company needs to communicate with have a computer and/or access to the internet. Therefore, websites, multimedia CDs, and other digital media are essential elements in communicating with both current and potential target market(s). In addition, digital media plays a vital role in helping clients, customers, and consumers realize how your company’s products/services can benefit them. Our team has developed successful digital media for a diverse client base and our media has proven to contribute to the overall success of our clients. First impressions are important. Your logo(s), icons, and insignias are likely to be the first graphic elements potential customers/ consumers will encounter regarding your business, products, and services. For a these elements to be successful they need to look professional, appeal to your target market(s), and reflect the essence of your products and services accurately. Our team has developed successful logos for numerous businesses, products, services, and events. Click the logo box for examples and more information.